DMS selfhosted


This is a tutorial on how to install SeedDMS 4.3 on [[Debian]] Jessie with an external MySQL server.

First we have to install all the depencies:

sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 php5-mysql php5-gd php-pear imagemagick poppler-utils catdoc

Second we have to install the required pear packages:

sudo pear install Log
sudo pear channel-discover
sudo pear install zend/zend

To have it fully working we need to enable the rewrite module for [[Apache]]:

sudo a2enmod rewrite

In addition we need change the [[Apache]] config. There should be a part in the /etc/apache2/apache2.conf which looks like this:

<Directory /var/www/>
        Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
        AllowOverride None
        Require all granted

We need to change it to this:

<Directory /var/www/>
        Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
        AllowOverride All
        Require all granted

Now we can download the SeedDMS files from here:

For this installation I went with seeddms-quickstart-4.3.28.tar.gz. Ive downloaded it to var/www and extracted the archive. Inside the now generated folder there are 4 folders however one of them is only a symlink:

  • data
  • pear
  • seeddms-4.3.28
  • www (symlink to seeddms-4.3.28)

For my installation Ive moved the data folder to var so that it isnt directly reachable by the webserver. Then I moved the seeddms-4.3.28 folder to var/www and renamed it to html

sudo mv /var/www/seeddms43x/seeddms-4.3.28 /var/www/html

Now I moved the pear folder into the html folder and copied the SeedDMS folder inside the pear folder into the html folder. This is required because it was complaining that it couldnt find the path otherwise.

sudo mv /var/www/seeddms43x/pear/ /var/www/html/
sudo cp /var/www/html/pear/SeedDMS /var/www/html/

Dont forget to give all the folders read/write permissions for the user www-data.

As a last step we have to change the configuration file (/var/www/html/conf/settings.xml) to reflect our changes. It would be a bit much to cover all the changes necessary. Just make sure that all the paths weve changed are correct. The config file itself is very well commented so it shouldnt be a big problem to find all the places requiring a correction. Ill paste however the lines how they look on my system:

<server rootDir="/var/www/html/" httpRoot="/" contentDir="/var/data/" stagingDir="/var/data/staging/" luceneDir="/var/data/lucene/" logFileEnable="true" logFileRotation="d" enableLargeFileUpload="false" partitionSize="2000000" cacheDir="/var/data/cache/" dropFolderDir="">
<database dbDriver="mysql" dbHostname="mariadb.2li.local" dbDatabase="seeddmsdb" dbUser="seeddms" dbPass="Password" doNotCheckVersion="false">

Now restart the [[Apache]] service and you should be able to access the installation on http://dms-ip


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