Organisation System

  1. Add all open things to an inbox.
  2. Decide for each thing what you want to do with it.
  3. Create a task for each item. Each task should describe why it makes

sense to complete. Sometimes things make sense in the moment but later when you have time to the item you question yourself why it is even necessary to do so. 4. If an item requires more than one task it becomes s project.

  1. Review the items frequently.
  2. Search in your notes.

Which in-boxes do I have?

  • physical
  • email
  • Nextcloud

Articles should go to Wallabag. That's what it's used mainly used for. In addition it makes searching much easier.

Books should be read on the kindle. Except if they are PDFs then it makes the most sense to read them on the iPad.

Guidlines for Folder Structure

  • No files where folders are
  • All the names must be lowercase and words seperated with an underscore

How to handle things in the "inbox"

Nonactionable things

  • Into the bin
  • into a a system for later access
  • Or into "possibleprojects"

Actionable things

  • a task list
  • go into the calendar (only if it really needs to get done on that date)


  • More than one action
  • Get a heading in the corresponding org file
  • If the main content is in a separate file create a link to it.


  • notes life all in one folder
  • exceptions are notes from projects they go into org/archive/yyyy/ folder.



  • Folders with A-Z
  • Folders with January to December
  • A-Z stores notes about important stuff (banking etc.)
  • All the paper documents should get scannend and saved in Maya
  • The months store flyer etc. about upcoming events of interest


Create three folders

  • 01inbox for downloads, new and temporary files
  • 02working for folders of active projects which then might contain research material, resources
  • 03documents for notes, tasks, books, old projects etc.

Each project directory should get created in the 03documents folder and then symlinked to the 02working directory. This way it's already archived to the correct place.