I recently upgraded to un iPad Air 2020 from a iPad 2018. As with the iPad I wanted to use the Paperlike screen protector again. So right at the beginning I applied the screen protector. However I wasnt as satisfied with it like I was with the one I got for the 2018 iPad. The image was okay but it scratched very easily and after just a few weeks it started to look like a mess. In addition I felt that it got dirty very quickly as well. So I often had to clean the front with water and soap. Just rubbing it clean with a cloth (preferably a micro fiber one) wasnt working with the Paperlike. So this week I decided to remove the Paperlike and just try to go with the naked screen itself. The reason why I got the Paperlike for the 2018 iPad was to improve the writing feeling. After removing the screen protector from the iPad Air and testing it a bit I must say that the Paper like didnt really help that much with improving the writing feeling.

All in all the Paperlike for the iPad Air was a waste of money.

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